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il Negozio likeUafrica
 Interno negozio likeUafrica

The Made in Africa Concept Store

likeUafrica is a small space in Milan that is inspired by the boutiques of Dakar and, in part, of Cotonou that I frequented during my years of stay in the two countries. Completely taken by colors and by that energy, I was captured by every object, fabric, fantasy: traditional or revisited products, modern garments with fabrics full of history, accessories designed by young creatives who look far into the past, but above all to the future. There are many references to everyday life, with a very popular way of communicating through images, colors, habits and wonderful disharmonies. An extraordinary starting point that inspired me in the direction to take for my project to return to Europe.  


In addition to Senegal and Benin, certainly Mali and Cameroon are the countries most present in the shop, for taste and traditions. A mix of craftsmanship, fashion creations and small design furniture, chosen with eyes that originated from Italy and transplanted beyond the Alps, before plunging into the magical African experience. Because it is in contact with African creators, tailors and artisans of extraordinary ability that this project has taken shape and continues to offer its innovations and discoveries!


Have a good trip @likeUafrica, in via Gran San Bernardo, 6 and Online!

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