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 Cuscini e tappeti in plastica decorata

It all started in Cotonou ...


The Concept Store

My name is Lucia, I was born and raised in Milan and, after many years in German-speaking Switzerland, in 2017 I moved to West Africa. The idea of the African Concept Store came to me by attending this kind of boutique in Dakar and, in part, in the Beninese economic capital. Completely captured by colors and that energy, I was captured by every object, fabric, fantasy, because, I understood, they were part of everyday life. An extraordinary starting point that inspired me in the direction to take for my project to return to Europe.

In addition to Senegal and Benin, certainly Mali and Cameroon are the countries most present in the shop, for taste and traditions. A mix of craftsmanship, fashion creations and small design furniture, chosen with eyes that originated from Italy and transplanted beyond the Alps, before plunging into the magical African experience. Because it is in contact with African creators, tailors and artisans of extraordinary ability that this project has taken shape and continues to offer its innovations and discoveries!



The origins of the project:

But let's go in order ... it all started in Cotonou, because that's where I learned about African fabrics, in particular Wax, a non-African product of origin, but which is an undisputed part of the imagination, culture and everyday life of many African countries. If in Benin, Ivory Coast and Togo the Wax is an institution, its fortune has gone beyond the borders, adding, in the common use of other neighboring countries, to the traditional woven fabrics.

With the subsequent move to Senegal I began to meet very good and experienced artisans. So I started to create with them some objects and furnishings 100% made in Africa, using the Wax, but also the Bazin, the Bogolan from Mali, the Pagne Tissè typical of the southern Senegalese tradition, and the Guinean Pagne, in its particular Indigo color.

I have worked with leather artisans, friends and local tailors, combining fabrics with genuine leather, recycled plastic, paper and other fabrics, trying to create things with a modern taste and thinking of a European audience.
Because living in the Continent of creativity brings a lot of ideas and stimulates the desire to share them with those who have not had this fantastic experience! Getting to know African fabrics is then a fascinating journey into the popular culture of the different macro regions. I like the idea of telling, in my own way, the stories behind each remnant that I choose and select according to my overall vision. Because likeUafrica observes, discovers, speaks, studies, unites, adds, waits, removes and re-proposes in its own way!


Have a good trip, in the store in Milan and Online!

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